Adding your organisation

When you log in for the first time, you will need to link yourself to your organisation.

This is because String3 is about business to business linkages, so your supplier needs to know that the question they are receiving is from the organisation they supply and not from an unaffiliated individual.

You won’t be able to send any questions until you have added yourself to your organisation.

Click the “add your organisation” button in order to find your organisation.

We use a service called Open Corporates to ensure only registered and verified companies are able to use the String3 service.

Search and add yourself to your organisation. If you can’t find your organisation, select the “I can’t find my organisation” button and fill in the form in order for someone at Historic Futures to check and validate the information.

Once you have added yourself to your organisation, you will be taken to the String3 dashboard and can start asking your suppliers questions!

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