I'm a supplier, what do I need to do?

Have you received an email from your customer asking you to respond to a question using String3? We've made it really simple and straightforward for you to respond to them.

1. Click on the link in the email you received:

2. You'll be taken to a web page that shows you the details of the question your customer has asked. Click on the button underneath this which says "Yes, I would like to help" in order to respond to them.

3. To take you into the secure String3 tool, all you need to do is add a password of your own choosing. This way, you can access String3 whenever you need to and even ask your own questions. Remember to accept the Terms and Conditions before pressing the confirm button. 


4. Then, all you need to do is respond whether you made or sourced the product your customer is asking about:

5. Finish responding to the question about the product as prompts appear on screen.

6. You will then be asked about the next stage of the production process - did you make or source the process before the one you just responded to? For example, you may have said "Made" the viscose shirt but you didn't make the fabric, so you need to select the button "We sourced it". 

7. Add in the details of the supplier you sourced this material from. Remember, your customer never sees this information. All commercially confidential information is always protected (read this article for more information). Adding in your supplier just means String3 can pass the next part of the question onto them so that the original question from your customer moves along the supply chain, reaching and collecting information (anonymously) from the organisations involved. 

8. Finish adding the details of the supplier or suppliers you sourced from, check the email your supplier/s will get before hitting send! 



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